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MacroFit by PeruvianPrincessFit

Postpartum to Bikini Virtual Program - 6 months

Postpartum to Bikini Virtual Program - 6 months

Congratulations on your beautiful new arrival! You are a superhero! I am sure it wasn’t easy but you did an amazing job!

I am proud to see you here too, starting to prioritize yourself again and getting back on track. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you through this journey to get your body back!

Whether you’re just weeks, months or even years post-partum, this Virtual Program will help you get back in shape and feel confident again!

☑️ Lose or Maintain weight, or bulk
☑️ Change body composition (reduce body fat%, increase lean mass)
☑️ Macronutrient prescription (protein, carbs, fats, fiber in grams)
☑️ Cardio, step count, weight lifting*, water consumption and supplement prescriptions
☑️ Provide suggestions to navigate busy mom schedule & monitor sleep and RHR
☑️ Provide recommendations for home workouts if needed
☑️ Progress monitoring
☑️ Weekly assessments, guidance and protocol adjustments as needed
☑️ Meal plan recommendations
☑️ Supplement recommendations
☑️ Shopping list, including links, for all your fitness needs during this journey (accessories, snacks, workout wear, vitamins, etc!)
☑️ Help to manage Vacations, travel & menu selections
☑️ Access to teammates group chat for accountability and sense of community
☑️ 24/7 access to coach

*Please note that the Weight Lifting Prescription here is the number of days per week you should be doing your weight lifting and NOT the whole routine. Customized Weight Lifting Routine is being sold separately

☑️ Reverse Diet
☑️ Maintenance Macros

Ready to do it?? Simply add this program to the cart and the next step is to receive our questionnaire so I can get started with your tailored prescriptions!
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