Welcome to the MacroFit Program!

The MacroFit Program by PeruvianPrincessFit was created by Coach Karli, a Certified Nutrition Coach and Professional NPC Bikini Fitness Competitor.

It provides virtual nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs based on the Flexible Dieting Approach, using Macro prescriptions and activity protocols fully customized for you.

No more crazy diets, no more starving or restrictive approaches that are just unsustainable!

We will provide the guidance and structure you need in your life with simple, easy-to-follow weekly protocols.

We're a team of expert coaches dedicated to supporting you achieve your fitness goals in an effective and sustainable way. We will help you lose weight using a science-based, approach that will change your life forever and for the better! And the best part, without compromising your favorite foods!

As we go along this journey together, you will feel stronger, healthier, full of energy and more confident in your own skin.


    Among the available programs, you can choose the plan that you'd like to do based on your goals. Then, we'll send you a questionnaire to get things started!


    Once you have completed the questionnaire, I will do my analytical assessment and create a customized prescription plan for you based on your personal goals.


    In this journey, my mission is to go hand-in-hand with you, guiding you, coaching you and supporting you every step of the way to help you reaching your fitness goals together!

Good Health is the most important gift we can give each other all year around! Some gifts are big, others are small, but the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all!

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