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MacroFit by PeruvianPrincessFit

Calculate Your Macro Goals (one-time-calc)

Calculate Your Macro Goals (one-time-calc)

Have you ever wanted to start your fitness journey but don’t know how or where to start?

Have you been doing everything from lowering your calorie intake to almost starving yourself to death and working out like crazy but the scale hasn’t moved an inch?

Or perhaps you want to build more muscle mass but have no clue how much you should be eating to see those muscles pop?

You came to the right place! I take all the guess work out and tell you exactly how much to eat, how much cardio to do and how many weight lifting sessions you should put in per week based on YOUR SPECIFIC goals.

Simply answer the questions below and we’ll provide you with a customized, easy-to-follow list of protocols prescribed from an expert in the industry and experienced Macro Coach!

What you get?

☑️ How much to eat from each macronutrient
☑️ How much cardio x week
☑️ How many steps x day
☑️ How many weight lifting sessions x week

☑️ Supplement recommendations
☑️ Shopping list, including links, for all your fitness needs during this journey (accessories, snacks, workout wear, vitamins, etc!)
☑️ A structured and personalized plan that’s built around your own lifestyle to be followed daily to get you closer to your fitness goals!

Ready to do it?? Simply add this program to the cart and the next step is to receive our questionnaire so I can get started with your tailored prescriptions!

*This plan is for people that have experience tracking macros.
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