What is it?

It is a Virtual Weight Loss Challenge that will provide you structured protocols to follow daily which will push you to create new habits and see food differently. 

How? Using the (science based) Flexible Dieting Approach where basically NO foods are off-limits

The Goal? Lose as much weight as possible, drop measurements and body fat %. You willexercise and track macros for 30 days guided by an expert coach and having a team of people around you that are doing the exact same thingso you don’t feel alone in the process!

Be ready to transform your body and your mindset, create better habits and receive the structure that you need in your life. 30 days will be gone before you know it, ready to do this? LETS GO!

Challenge Details


Registration ends on January 28 (Sunday)
Challenge starts on February 5 and ends on March 5


  • No pre existing conditions
  • No breastfeeding
  • Not pregnant
  • No alcohol
  • No upcoming trips for the whole duration of the challenge


  • Participants should pay the price of $149.99 to join the challenge.
  • Participants should answer the given questionnaire completely and honestly.
  • Participants will have a virtual briefing via zoom the week prior to the start of the program.
  • A total of 4 Sets of Macro protocols and Activity prescriptions will be provided to each participant from the start so they can adjust weekly throughout the duration of the program
  • Participants will be put in a calorie deficit from the start.
  • Participants should be adherent to the macro protocols and activity prescriptions.
  • Progress monitoring, check-ins and questions will be handled by Coach Karli in a group chat via WhatsApp.
  • Participants should submit their initial and weekly progress photos and measurements to MacroFit staff as part of documentation for the challenge.
  • To impose fairness, weigh-ins should be photographed with their feet on the scale.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their journey via Instagram and tag Coach Karli @peruvianprincessfit and use hashtag #macrofitchallenge

Required Fitness Accessories

Recommended Supplements

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Criteria for Judging

Participant with best results based on:
- Body recomposition
- Weight loss
- Overall physique changes


  • First place: $$ cash
  • Second place: $150 worth of PROZIS products
  • Third place: $100 MacroFit Gift Certificate

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